Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

Can I renew my book by e-mail?

Yes! To renew by email, send an email to: Please include your name, the title of the book to be renewed, as well as its bar code number (found on the same page as the date due stamp). Only include the numbers after all the zeros.

bar code

Can I return my book when the library is not open?

Yes! There is now a book drop (on the street side to the left of the gate next to the Library) for after hours book returns. Your return will be credited appropriately.

What is the charge for overdue books?

The fine for overdue books is two (2) pesos per day per book. Remember books can now be renewed by e-mail. See above.

What if the book becomes lost or damaged?

The cost of replacing a lost or damaged hard cover book or non-fiction is $250 pesos. The cost of replacing a paperback book is $150 pesos. These charges are necessary due to a $5.50 USD shipment charge per book, in addition to the Mexican duty on arrival.

Do you accept donations of books?

Donations of books or magazines are always greatly appreciated. A Memorial Book Program exists for members who wish to donate books to the library in memory of a family member or friend. For gifting of large book collections, please contact the Librarian. You can call or e-mail the library: The books can be viewed at your home by library staff to select those titles needed. The library also sells used books for a nominal sum to help support the facility. Watch for notices of future booksales

We are especially welcoming books written within the past five years. Although we don't want to discourage the flow of donations, there are certain books we cannot use:

** Old high school and college textbooks. If they have nostalgic value to you, retain them for your reminisces.

** Out-of-date "how-to" books, especially those dealing with computers. (If you have updated, so has most everyone else!)

** Books that need substantial repair, mildewed books(!) or damaged books of any kind.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and contributions.